Hello and welcome to Follow That Software

07.10.2019 18:04:58

This is a project from me, Sebastian. I am a IT Administrator with the focus on security.

And of course with my motto Automate everything. So my main focus is to do less with some high impact, with this motto the site came to life.

I have some crazy ideas that I want to implement. But I'm alone and that's why new features are not released so quickly. Please have a little patience. With this news section, I will post some updates on the features / projects to give you some insight into my work.

I am happy to hear from you and get some inspiration or feature requests. Planned is a feature request section where you can see if the feature request gets implemented or are denied by me. But this has to be implemented, and to build from scratch.

So in the meanwhile you can send me an email to info@followthatsoftware.com with your feature request.



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