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Get update information direct into your slack channel

In slack everything is subdivided into channels, so it is possible to group individual teams in the different channels or to complete a specific project.

Due to this separation, it is possible to specifically post the update information of this page in a channel. An update message is sent directly and appears live in the channel. So it is possible to work with several people on the same update and distribute this without further delay.

Which requirements are necessary?

  • Slack Account, the function can be used with a free account
  • Channel, in which the update messages are posted
  • Follower Status at this site

How do I make the connection?

First, log in to Slack and go to your workspace. On your workspace you have to add a new app. In the search bar enter webhook and click install at the Incoming webhooks.

Install incoming webhooks
Install incoming webhooks.

Now you have to add a configuration to the webhooks by clicking add configuration.

incoming Webhooks add configuration
Incoming webhooks add configuration

On the next page, select your channel where you want to receive the information, or create a new one. And confirms all about Add incoming webhooks integration.

Add incoming webhooks integration
Add incoming webhooks integration

After the webhooks is activated, you can copy the webhooks url further down the page and save it in the User Profile.

Copy webhooks url
Copy webhook url
User profile Slack notification
User profile slack notification

After that is all done. You can check if the connection works by pressing the Send Slack Test Notification button. If all is set properly you will receive a test notification in your configured channel.

Slack Message Channel
Slack Message Channel
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