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You've got mail! A new software update was found!

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Email is the most common used channel to distribute news. We will inform you with the news if your software gets an update.

Our service checks different channels to receive informations about the software you are following. If we found a new version you can receive an email with all the information you need to update.
Did you follow more than one software? You can choose on which time you want to receive the update information. If the option is activated, we will inform you in one email with all the updated software.

How does an email looks like

The emails are sent from our service via the email address

Email with program update

This Email is formatted in HTML. You can also change to Text only if you want just the plain informations. The setting to change the format HTML / Text did you find under your Account und Software Notifications. After changing the settings you will receive only the selected type.

Email Notification period

Our service will send emails in the following period

  • Direct
  • Daily
  • Weekly

> Direct

This means that you get an email direct after the new software was found, so no delay.
Why is this so important? After an update you have a short period of time to test the new update before rolling out. With this short delay, you have much more time to check if your deployment works correct. Or if you need to change something in your process.

> Daily

With more and more software in your follow list, you get overwhelmed with Email Notifications about an update. It is easier for you to start your day with one email with all the informations about the software that we found an update for.
Choose your time when our service should send you an email. But notice that if you got no email there is nothing to update.

> Weekly

Did you even more time, our service can send you only on your specific day an email with all the information. But consider there is a long time period after that update got released and if its security related. You should update immediately your software.

Reports coming soon


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